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Just five years after World War II, the freshly divided Korean peninsula became a bloody battleground as North Korea invaded South Korea. The war quickly turned into a localized battle between the Communist powers (the Soviet Union and later China) backing the North and the capitalist, democratic, Western powers in the United Nations (primarily the United States and the United Kingdom) backing the South. Today, there are many military artifacts from the “Forgotten War” up for auction online. Vintage collector's items you might find in this category on include North Korean, South Korean, American, Chinese, and British materiel. Types of Korean War artifacts typically available for sale include bayonets and scabbards, field jackets and trousers, M1 Garand rifles and parts, maps, field caps, propaganda leaflets, medals, parkas, wool liners, patches, watches, field packs, cook stoves, boots, compasses, pouches, photos, and more. Note that sellers occasionally post new items for sale on, so circle back later if you don't see what you're searching for right away.